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Subject: FAIR PLAY It was a crisp early spring morning,when I rose.My cock
was already up,aching to be jerked on.I stripped off my briefs and
started on my 6 inches I began leaking pre-cum.I scooped up some and put
it on the tip of my tongue.MMMMMM,nice! THen I rubbed some over my
nipple.I licked on that.My cock was more aroused and harder than ever.I
stroked more til I began to sweat.I didn't realize I was moaning so
loud.I shot up on my chest and on my chin.It was very thick and milk
creamy.I began to cool down.I laid there for a moment.
I heard Dad's voice out in the hall."Hurry up son,or you'll be late for
school"."OH SHIT!",I murmurred.My bedroom door was left opened and I
wondered if Dad had seen me playing with myself.Just as he was opening
the door,I covered myself up."Come on,play time is over. I"m leaving in
five minutes",he said. He must have seen me.How else nude underage lolita girls would he
have........I still had a boner and it was tenting the bed sheet.I was
embarrassed,at the same time thrilled.
Mom was out of town.She runs an antique store in townShe has to keep up
with her competitors,so she is gone alot more than she is home.Dad jokes
that she comes home t restock her suitcases and to get moe money from
him. Dad and I have managed a routine.It works.Untl now.
By now I have dressed and ate a banana.Dad was finishing up his coffee
and folding the morning paper to take with him to work.He kept eyeing me
out of the coner of his eye.I didn't realize it,but I had spaced out
having a fantasy about my own Dad., I was making gestures with hot lolita art models
banana.He broke the silence."It's time to go.When you get home,don't
forget to mow the back lawn.We don't want your mother to think we can't
take of ourselves" As I began to look him down to his crotch,he covered
himself up quicly with the newspaper. We left.
School had gone by fast.I got home and mowed the lawn.Afterwards,I had
ordered pizza and told them to have it here by 5:30.I wanted to see
myself totally naked in Dad's long mirror.I saw our
neighbor,Frank,56,out side in a t-shirt and shorts.He has black greying
hair.A neatly trimmed mustache.He lifted up his shirt to wipe off his
forehead.Nice ripped abs.Nice hairy stomach.He squatted down to do some
planting.I used young lolitateen girls nude Dad's binoculars to see him.NO underwear on.I could see
his hairy nut.I began jerking myself off,yet again.His wife called him
in.He stood up,looked over this way and grabbed his crotch.He proceeded
into the house Oh well,time to take a shower/
As I was showering,I began thinking about Frank and his hot
body.Fantasizing about him.All of the sudden the water got extremely
hot.I jumped out of the shower. There was Dad,he just pulled up his
pants."You almost scalded me to death" I raised my voice at him. "I'm
sorry son.I had to go.Maybe its time we put in aother bathroom in the
basement.Maybe have your own space down there for...privacy". We both
looked down and I was hard as a rock.I covered up myself with a towel.
"Don't worry,I get them too",he said. "Well I never seen you with one".
He smiled."PIzza is here.Hurry on down"..He walked out. That gave me an
idea.He wants me to have privacy,yet he's already seen me twice.Its only
fair I invade his privacy.. PART 2 is
coming...............write tome at
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